The 5 Best Tours of Sicily

When it comes to travelling in Sicily, independent travel and exploring is possible, thanks to the vast amount of tour and excursion packages which can be found on this beautiful island. These can be found and organized by either contacting your local travel agents or a tour operator once you have arrived on the island, but below is a taste of the fantastic sights you can look forward to seeing.

For the ultimate in luxury tours, look no further than a day tour of Palermo which will take you to some of the city’s most aristocratic homes. This is perfect for those history buffs who love nothing more than soaking up as much culture as possible whilst on their vacation. Many may find interest watching documentaries based on art and architecture from the Middle Ages to the Baroque era, but on this tour you can view it for yourself-providing an experience not to be missed.

This is a full day tour which includes a lunch, sampling some of the most delicious Sicilian specialties that you can find on the island. Your tour will take you to some of most breathtaking and historical monuments you can find within Europe, from Steri Castle to the Martorana Church kayaking isla holbox, making this a truly cultural day out. The Golden Sicily Tour is the best tour for those who want to see the major sights within Sicily.

Beginning in either Palermo or Taormina, this 6 day tour will allow you to see all this fantastic location has to offer, rather than ‘dropping’ you off for a brief time at different locations. With hotel bookings made for you, you are free to enjoy the culture, history and decadent cuisine of Sicily-perfect for those who are looking to explore the main attractions within the island, whilst still allowing for your own personal time to do some exploring on your own. These tours run throughout most of the year but also have the advantage of add-on days such as gourmet cooking classes and jeep excursion and lunch.

When it comes to tours of your holiday destination, many may feel that they are provided with similar tours they have experienced before-never providing them with something new and exciting. The Best of Sicily Tours involves a mixture of hotel bookings, small guide groups and some of the best in Sicilian cuisine-in all, making your holiday what it should be.

Again, this tour allows for your own personal time to explore which is great for those who are not used to travelling with aid of a tour guide before. The Sicilian Impressions Tour looks to provide you with as much culture, history and good food as possible within the space of 5 days-allowing you to extend your vacation in Sicily for your own leisure if you’ve not quite had enough of this beautiful island. Crossing over from Palermo to Taormina, this is the ultimate in tours for those who love nothing more than embarking in a spot of Sicilian history and culture. Whilst enjoying the traditional food you will get to view for yourself some outstanding landmarks such as the Greek temples in Agrigento to Mount Etna. Finally, for the ultimate foodie there is Market cooking classes in Palermo.

This is the perfect way to spend your vacation for those who simply cannot part with the delicious food you will find in Sicily. These half day lessons will begin with you finding your ingredients during a trip to one of Palermo’s street markets, after which you will prepare lunch under the direction of one of Palermo’s finest chefs. This is not only a fantastic way to hone your cooking skills, but also allows you to take some of your experiences within Sicily back home with you.

When it comes to your holiday in Sicily, there are no limitations to the ways in which you can explore this fantastic island. Why not combine a few tours together for the ultimate experience or work your tours around the most appealing factors of the island? Whatever you decide, you are sure to be astounded and amazed by the sheer beauty which comes from all Sicily has to offer.

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