Football Freestyle – The Pros

So now you know a bit more about football freestyle, let’s move on to what this article is about, the pros. They have given so much dedication and commitment to the art of football freestyle. The respect or attention they get for it is really low. The attention to these athletes should be a lot bigger, there is not many people on this planet who can do what they can with a football.

A very young freestyler who is only 20 years old and he has achieved a lot through his football freestyle skills. He has been helping the freestyle scene to grow and he’s a role model for a lot of young freestylers out there. It all started for Palle when another freestyle pro(Abbas Farid, will be mentioned later on in the article) got him in to a freestyle gig in London. The gig was in a stadium in front of around 40.000 people. Chelsea played against arsenal that day. After that game Palle got more and more gigs around the world. He have been seen in TV ads in Indonesia, performed at several stadiums(including stade de france for 80.000 people) and done events and exhibitions for many big companies such as Hyundai, Kappa, Monta and so on xem bong da truc tiep . Palle was also highly involved in starting the freestyle company “Freestyle Factory”(link to the website at the bottom of this article).

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One of the pioneers of football freestyle, especially in the airmoves area. Touzani has invented tricks, performed for big crowds, been in TV ads and much more. Touzani was one of the first guys ever to put a freestyle video on the net. The video was a big success since back then people had not seen the kind of tricks and skills he showed in this extraordinary video. The video exploded on the net and people loved it. Touzani got himself a name in the freestyle scene very quick and after that he has been involved in a lot of things. Touzani is

working for a freestyle organization in Holland, they are arranging all kinds of events, exhibitions, promo work and much more. If Soufiane Touzani wouldn’t have put his first freestyle video on the net a lot of people would not know what football freestyle is and also a lot less people would play the beautiful art. SO many people started to freestyle after they saw Touzanis video. Touzani is also a well known face in the streets of Holland, he might be one of the only freestylers who gets recognized on the street on a regular basis.

Another pioneer of football freestyle, but he was one of the first to do the “circus style”. Circus style is more concentrated on upper body tricks and old school juggling skills. Back in 2003 Abbas defeated over 30.000 opponents in a big freestyle competition which was held in England and he was the last man standing, he was the champ! After this success Abbas has been working with a lot of the

big companies such as Nike, Adidas, Pringles, T-mobile and many more. Abbas has also been doing half time shows at stadiums such as Stamford Bridge, Stade de France, San Siro and a lot more. Abbas has been around the world performing his freestyle skills and everywhere he goes people are shocked by his outrageous skills. If you ever bump into Abbas, be sure to be amazed!

He’s well known for his magnetic moves. He traps the ball between his foot and his shin and from that position he’s doing brake dance moves and other crazy things. All the time the ball is trapped and it’s looking absolutely amazing! Nam the man is a very flexible freestyler and therefore he offers some tricks that not many others can do. Nam the Man is Vietnamese but is currently living in Ireland. He

started a freestyle organization there and he’s trying to involve other local freestylers as much as possible. Nam is always involved in different projects and companies. He has also achieved a lot of amazing experiences. Performing in big stadiums, promoting big companies, arranging freestyle competitions and much more. Nam is really a unique freestyler with his acrobatic moves and his amazing magnetic tricks.

This is four of the pros I feel have brought a lot to the sport of freestyle. As you can read they have all achieved a lot of stuff. But their athletic ability and their dedication to the sport isn’t rewarded enough in my opinion. No one of these guys is rich because of freestyle. Almost all freestylers of today live at home because they can’t afford their own place through freestyle, but they love the sport to much to just quit or reduce their practice time a lot. I really think they deserves more since they are unique athletics with unique abilities! I hope that freestyle will be more recognized and that the pros will get what they deserves!

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