Collecting Celebrity Character Dolls

People have been fascinated by dolls and doll collection has been around for many centuries now. Even ancient people especially in royalty have been found to have collected their own sets of these intricate creations ラブドール通販 . Japanese and Chinese emperors were known for their fascination of dolls as symbols and representations of their traditions. Mostly, their dolls depict warriors and children with life-like quality and poses. Today, a lot of individuals have been collecting dolls of their favorite celebrities and movie characters.

This is one of the most common types of doll collection that enthusiasts prefer. The familiarity of celebrities and the instant entertainment factor it brings are easy choices for those who are just about to start their collection. Movie and music celebrity fanatics are most likely to start a collection of their favorite actor.

Celebrity dolls that have been popular for decades are Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Michael Jackson. While celebrity dolls that depict the likeness of the actor in real life are popular, their character doll version is also as popular to these fans and collectors. Celebrity character dolls are those that represent the actor’s character in a specific movie. Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his character as “The Terminator” and Liam Neeson for his role as Qui-Gon Jinn.

These character dolls are also more entertaining to collect as it reminds you of the whole movie and some would even build a miniature set of their favorite scene in the movie. And for music fans, the rock band Kiss also has their own doll set which had been a popular due to the band’s unique rock suits and outrageous make-up. There are even Matryoshka doll sets with the image of the members of the band stacked just like the traditional Russian doll set. It is just interesting how these celebrity dolls can bring entertainment and even historical value to a doll collection.

Even political figures have their own versions of dolls as they are also celebrities in their own right. Several known doll makers have been manufacturing these celebrity dolls and these companies include Tonner Doll Company, Mattel, Hasbro, Madame Alexander, and API.

Sports figures are also considered celebrities as their status puts them head to head with movie actors when it comes to raking in fans. One popular sports figure who had several dolls made after his likeness is Dennis Rodman, along with basketball fan’s favorite Michael Jordan. Although the vinyl material is most commonly used in the production of these celebrity dolls, nonetheless there are vintage celebrity dolls that are made of ceramic and porcelain. Thus for celebrity fanatics, collecting their favorite celebrity’s vinyl dolls is most common aside from collecting other memorabilia such as t-shirts and posters.

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