SkyCity’s Convention Centre Deal: The Story So Far

Over the course of the past few years, New Zealand-based casino operator Sky City has been working hard to expand its presence in the local gambling market. Last year, the company coined a deal with Prime Minister John Key, offering to build Auckland’s new $350 million convention centre in return for up to 500 new pokies. The entire deal has been kept quiet, and residents have requested more insight into the negotiation process.

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In 2011, the prime minister announced that Auckland would be the host of a new convention centre judi poker qq indonesia . The construction would cost $350 million, and the government was interested in hearing proposals from interested parties. However, there was no bidding process. Negotiations between the prime minister and Sky City began in early 2012. The general public was aware that the casino operator had made the offer, but the rest of the process was kept behind closed doors.

It was not long before John Key announced that Sky City would receive the contract for the project. In return, the city would relax its gambling laws, granting the casino operator the right to install anywhere from 350 to 500 new pokies.

The news did not go over well with many of the country’s politicians and responsible gambling advocates, so the Office of the Auditor General was enlisted. The audit examined the proposal and bidding process, determining whether or not the casino operator received an unfair advantage over other companies.

After six months of deliberation, the Auditor General revealed that John Key had in fact given Sky City more attention than other potential bidders. A quote from the report reads:

“Sky City was treated very differently from the other parties that responded and the evaluation process effectively moved into a different phase with one party. In our view, the steps that were taken were not consistent with good practice principles of transparency and fairness.”

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