Getting to know Capsa Susun Online

Capsa is one of the favorite games for online gamblers in Indonesia. Unlike the usual gambling games,capsa is played without a dealer. So if you want to play and win capsa Susun Bandar QQ, this game can only be played by four people.

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Capsa is a famous game because it can be played by up to 4 people. Another term of online capsa is also known as Chinese poker. This is because this game is very popular outside Indonesia and several other Southeast Asian countries. In this game, the goal is to spend the cards. The first card that runs out can be immediately declared the winner. The advantages that can be obtained by players can be seen from the initial bet.

What is Capsa Online?

Before we discuss tips for playing capsa, we will discuss the levels of capsa cards. In the capsa game, the lowest card is 3 and the highest is 2. So the order is like this: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… J, Q, K, Ace, 2. Not complicated right? After getting to know the sequence of numbers, there is also what is called a sequence of symbols.

This game is fun because it uses strategy to play. You must know what the structure of the game in online capsa is. That’s why this game is called capsa.

Each card must have a symbol. And with the lowest value is diamond. It means that the lowest card in the Bandar QQ capsa game is 3 diamonds. Above the diamond are curls, then there are also hearts. The tallest and last is the shovel. The spade card has the highest level, meaning the highest card in the is 2 spades.

The purpose of playing and winning capsa is quite simple. Four players will face each other cards. The first player to run out of their cards wins. The first round will start with the player with the lowest card. Players who have a 3 diamond card must issue their card first.

Then, the card can be defeated with the next player placing a card that has a higher value. For example, the opponent can place a card of 3 curly or a card of value 4. Each player also takes a turn to place a card until the card that is placed is the highest. If all players pass, it means that player wins the round.

Advantages of Capsa Online

You will have double the prize depending on the odds you take. If the odds are one and a half, this means you can win a total of twice that amount.

Try capsa if you want to win some money, we highly recommend that you do this because roulette is a very fun game and it pays off instantly. So you can bet and place your money every 30 seconds. Many players earn money from this and you can also be the next one.

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