Poly Tarps

Tarps or tarpaulins are one of the most versatile tools that we have to use. Tarps are something like the beneficiary of the best technology in both chemical and textile treatments. Tarps have been adapted to many uses throughout their history. They are used around the home and garden, for camping trips, in construction, for coverage of many items, for the workshop and many other locations. There are many different types and colors of tarpaulins. In this article, we will cover poly tarps and the benefits of using them.

Woolen tarp - single-person shed in 1,5 x 2,5 size - Matuls

The basic poly tarps usually come in the colors of blue or green. These are most certainly the most inexpensive of all tarpaulins. These cheap tarps are not more than a thin sheet of plastic to be used for covering things. Of course, this means that they will be less durable than a more expensive tarpaulin. The next step up in durability and price are poly tarps that are made using a weave of nylon cord with the inclusion of a laminate of polyethylene on either side. You will find the thread size to be seven hundred to eight hundred deniers and the fabric will weigh between two to four ounces per square yard. These tarps will be waterproof and resistant to both mildew and rot. They will also provide a great multi-purpose covering that will give your property basic protection from the elements tarpaulin sheets.

Next, there are heavy duty poly tarps. These are much tougher than the basic version of this tarpaulin. The heavy duty tarps are far less prone to punctures and rips and you will find that they wear longer. They are stronger because of the heavier denier nylon thread that is woven more tightly. This will make a heavy duty tarp twice as thick as the basic poly tarp and therefore twice the life span. Silver color tarps are a good example of a heavy duty poly tarp. These are often preferred by consumers because of their UV and heat resistance. There are also premium silver tarps that can be three times thicker than your standard store variety. If you are looking for the strongest tarp, always make sure to check the hems. A good tarp will have a strong hem to it. Since the hem is the point of stress, you will want a tarp that has a heat-sealed hem.

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